The Education Across Boarders Collective (CESF) has been putting pressure on the Quebec Government since September 2012. Nine months after learning about the situation, forced to justify why this scandal continues, the Minister of Education at the time Marie Malavoy acknowledged in June 2013 that it was her duty and responsibility “to act quickly so that these children would be in the classroom the following school year. ” Unfortunately, despite the administrative guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education (June 2013) and exemptions from tuition fees in some cases, most undocumented children still do not have access to free school.

These administrative guidelines reinforce inequality in free education and promote discretionary practices.  For example, the Commission scolaire de Montreal asks for exemptions from registration fees on “humanitarian grounds” for some children (and not others).

Our demands: 

• That proof of residence be sufficient for children to enroll in school

• That each child registered be automatically assigned a Permanent Education Code that stays with them for life

• That school enrollment be free for ALL children

• That confidentiality be guaranteed for undocumented families

• That all tuition fees charged to families be canceled